Drone Defence have secured £500,000 in seed funding from US based corporate investor to develop proprietary drone detection technology. 

Drone Defence Services Ltd (Drone Defence), is a market-leading drone security company based in Retford, UK. Their vision is that drones are destined to change the way mankind views, interacts with, and will eventually move around our planet. 

They are committed to enabling drone technology and demonstrating its potential, whilst supporting a sustainable future where drones change the way we view, interact with and move around our world, 

However, they recognise that for drones to unlock their full capabilities, solutions need to be found to safely integrate autonomous drones into the sky in a future in which they will regularly share airspace with manned aircraft and routinely be travelling beyond ‘line of sight’. 

The ability to track everything that uses airspace and interpreting that data quickly and effectively is the key to unlocking the future of drone technology. 

It is a vision shared by investors Scientel Solutions, based in Illinois, USA. They partner with some of the world’s leading technology innovators to design, implement and support advanced solutions to complex challenges. 

This investment will allow Drone Defence to make advances in this field, and to develop their existing products further. They are also currently recruiting as the business expands – particularly welcome news during challenging times for many businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Drone Defence’s corporate investors recognise that we are in the first 1% of this emerging industry and share our vision for the future of drone technology and integrated airspace. 

PWC predict that by 2030 drones will contribute £42 billion to the UK economy alone, with the industry expected to employ 600,000 people in the industry. Drone Defence are committed to overcoming the key challenges that will enable this future potential.  

Richard Gill, founder and CEO of Drone Defence said: 

“This investment is going to drive our business forward and enable us to achieve our ambition of safely integrating small autonomous vehicles into general airspace. It will allow us to hire the experts needed to develop our prior proprietary technology and integrate it with our existing market leading mitigation technology. Not only that the investment has also given us the springboard to launch into the Americas markets and with early interest from significant customers it is clear that the drone security market is only set to grow. Our partnership with Scientel Solutions presents an outstanding opportunity for the business.  Their investment will enable us to further develop our award-winning technology but in wider terms the partnership gives us a springboard into the USA.  Scientel are known for their innovative solutions and are trusted by many government departments so we see valuable synergies in working together. As the drone detection and security market continues to grow the partnership between Drone Defence and Scientel Solutions will enable us to deliver and support our cutting-edge technology across the world.” 

Nelson Santos, Founder and CEO of investors Scientel Solutions, says

“Richard and his team have developed an impressively prescient set of technologies that address the increasingly complicated challenges drone and sentry technology present to municipalities and the global economy. We’re confident Drone Defence will be an impactful addition to the enterprise connectivity and integration expertise Scientel is synonymous with worldwide. We couldn’t be more excited about this investment and the potential of our new partnership.”



Drone Defence was formed in 2017 to address security concerns over the illegal use of drone technology. Early success was gained with deployments internationally, including their SkyFence drone blocking product in Guernsey prison.   

Drone Defence is keen to speak to visionary investors who are looking at this sector.


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