Advancing Security for an Evolving World

Security threats are on the rise, our physical security solutions keep our clients one step ahead of potential dangers. For over 30 years, we have engineered future-proof security solutions that protect property, people, and valuable assets. Our team has built solutions ranging from complex security camera systems to innovative access control technology to integrated solutions that incorporate your networking or lifecycle management needs. 

outdoor security cameras mounted to a pole


security camera smart ai capabilities

Security Cameras with Remarkable Integration Capabilities 

We create video surveillance solutions that seamlessly integrate with smart technologies like facial & license plate recognition, sophisticated video management software, and even drone detection. Our solutions are a perfect addition to existing security protocols for municipalities, public safety professionals, and commercial spaces.  

graphic depicting building access control

Smarter security with integrated video systems

We employ customizable access control technology that allows clients to control who, determine how, and be alerted when someone enters their facility.  

graphic depicting complete situational awareness model

Innovate Your Security with Complete Situational Awareness 

We create enhanced Security solutions that incorporate your Networking and Lifecycle Management needs. Learn more about our universal integrations to streamline your technology solutions.  

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