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Tailored Solutions for State & Local Governments 

By delivering future-proof solutions that are secure, reliable, and optimized to work within existing structures, we help to improve the lives of constituents everywhere. With innovative networking capabilities, leading drone monitoring and detection solutions, video and cybersecurity solutions, and smart city technologies we have impacted nearly every sector of State & Local government. 

State and Local Government SOLUTIONS

Bringing Connectivity Where It’s Needed Most   

A reliable internet connection is essential to a community’s quality of life and to a governments efficient operation. Like businesses, government entities are becoming increasingly reliant on IoT & AI technologies, Scientel works with you to deliver scalable, cost-effective, and future-proof solutions that meet the needs of both data volume and communication connectivity. 

Securing Sensitive Data 

Our team utilizes next-generation technology to deliver optimal data and network security for our customers. We can help integrate innovative technologies such as endpoint detection and response (EDR), firewalls, network access controls (NAC) and much more. These technologies allow us to create a comprehensive cybersecurity solution tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

Connecting Communities 

We work to transform your community through advanced networking and AI & IoT solutions, including Private LTE network integration. Our solutions offer residents a better quality of life and empower municipalities to be more connected, efficient, and secure. 

Security Camera Solutions

Protecting municipal employees and monitoring facilities for safe conditions is better enabled with a robust security camera system. Our solutions provide cutting-edge analytics and access to both real-time and recorded footage while limiting access only to authorized persons. 

Facility Access Control 

With many facilities a local government might require much better door access controls than simple lock and keys. Modern door access control systems from Scientel provide the flexibility and robust security necessary for today’s government operations. 

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