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Creating powerful connections with broadband wireless network solutions

We deliver custom broadband wireless network solutions, empowering your community or enterprise with consistent reliability and powerful connectivity. Our networks are fast, secure, flexible, scalable, and custom-designed to meet your needs and those of your unique environment.


Partner with the leader in broadband wireless solutions.

Scientel Solutions is the leader in broadband wireless solutions. Our team has designed and installed hundreds of wireless communications links for clients across numerous enterprise and government domains. We understand the challenges of integrating a network in your unique environment, and we use this expertise to maximize the value of your solution.

Our broadband wireless networks are some of the fastest in the industry. They are also – by far – some of the most secure and reliable networks operating.

Ranging from small point-to-point links supporting wi-fi networks to sophisticated wireless public safety networks and 911 systems, we have the technology and expertise to deliver the right solution for your communications needs.

A solution designed for your needs

We custom-design broadband wireless network solutions according to the use-case requirements of your organization. Depending on your needs, we can integrate your network into any existing systems you operate. Or, we can build it from the ground up. Our microwave systems can be used in conjunction with, or in replacement of, fiber-wireless communications.

Our networks vary in size and coverage – from a few hundred feet to hundreds of miles – depending on your specific needs.

In addition, we design scalability and adaptability into our solutions, future-proofing your network. Our wireless systems are designed with the ability to scale for future demands, so your network can adapt to expansions as desired.

Advantages of broadband wireless networks

Unmatched Reliability

Our broadband wireless solutions offer reliable land-based connectivity that is not affected by weather conditions or natural disasters. Your network will hold in any condition.

Consistent Experience

Broadband wireless networks do not suffer from the high latency of satellite connections. This allows for a consistently smooth and fast network connection.

Total Security

Broadband wireless networks can be secured through encryption to protect data broadcast over the network. A licensed connection allows for a private spectrum guaranteed by the Federal Communications Commission.

Rapid Deployment

We understand the value of time. Our networks have extra-fast deployments – allowing you to maximize ROI sooner – at a fraction of the cost of fiber implementations. Depending on various factors, networks can be deployed in less one month.

Highly Accessible

Broadband wireless can be established in both rural and urban areas, including remote communities. Based on your environment, we deliver custom solutions that work for your community—often at a lower cost than running a wired connection.

Future Proof

As demand for your network grows, we scale your solution accordingly.

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How we work

COACH –Scientel whiteboards with clients to determine the technologies and solutions that will deliver the outcome they desire—while accounting for factors like budget, compliance and existing system specifications.
DESIGN – We work with you to design a custom broadband wireless solution optimized to the needs of your environment.
IMPLEMENT – Our skilled staff rapidly deploys your solution, working around deadlines to ensure a timely implementation.
SUPPORT – We protect your investment and ensure continued optimal performance. Our comprehensive lifecycle management includes continual maintenance, repairs, and updates.
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