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Build A Public-Private Partnership in Your Community

Scientel solutions ensure your assets, people, and facilities are secure and protected. Our 360° solution allows live alerts, indepth search functionality, and decreased reaction time by connecting your camera security system to your law enforcement agency.

Our integrated solution is able to stand on its own or be mounted to existing infrastructure. Help your business or residential association to operate safely by building your own Public-Private Partnership.  

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A Video Security SOLUTION

Why Build a Public-Private Partnership?  

To Protect Your Community, Property, & Assets 

A Public-Private Partnership enables critical evidence captured from video security systems to be directly connected to your local law enforcement. While the camera system is owned and operated by your organization, access to your security feeds is given to your local public safety officials to decrease response time and ensure safety.  

What Can Your Community Gain?

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  • Broadest Data Capture Options
  • Robust Alerts & Notifications
  • Easy Search & Analysis
  • Complete Data & System Control
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  • L6Q Camera 
  • Solar Panel with Battery 
  • Associated Mounting Hardware 
  • Professional installation  
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  • Access Control
  • Video System
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cloud Services

Start your solution

Let our team build your next Private-Public Partnership. Request a site walk to get started.

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