Smart Technology Meets Deep Expertise

Scientel brings together innovative and leading-edge technologies with our trusted experts to deliver a solution that achieves any desired outcome. Our team has a depth of knowledge across fields including enterprise, municipalities, educational institutions, and public safety.

We understand the unique challenges, sensitivities, and opportunities our clients face when integrating advanced technologies into their environment. 

police monitoring station

Public Safety

Police, fire, and emergency services have unique technology needs, and our team has the expertise to design, implement, and monitor to meet those needs. Our solutions are designed for public safety environments with public safety users in mind. 

student learning remotely


From K-12 school districts to large universities, we partner with educational institutions across the nation to deliver innovative and custom solutions, that enable students and administrative staff to remain connected, safe, and secure. 

traffic light in a city

STATE & LOCAL Government

State & Local Governments improve the lives of their constituents with secure and reliable solutions optimized to work within existing structures provided by Scientel Solutions 

corporate campus


Retailers, warehouses, commercial operations, utilities, multi-corporate campuses and more require custom solutions for various applications. With our experience and available technology, you will receive a future-proof solution. 

surgeons performing surgury


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