Building Thorough Solutions that Meet All of Your Needs

For over 30 years, we have aggregated leading technology, creativity, and highly experienced personnel. As the Universal Integrator, we have developed a turnkey solution that incorporates all of our specialties into one — Complete Situational Awareness. With our solution, clients gain an all-in-one consultant, systems integrator, and support provider. Let us be the only stop for your technology and support needs. 

Complete Situational Awareness 

Bringing You 360° Solutions

Your technology infrastructure does not run on one integration, it requires a combination of expertise, software, and hardware to support your organization’s unique needs. Complete Situational Awareness compiles all of your networking, security, and lifecycle management needs into one cohesive solution. 

Start Your Innovation

Build a solution tailored to your needs. Let our team get started on your next innovation.

Build a Network That Supports All of Your Solutions 

We work to build powerful, future-proof network infrastructures that can support advanced physical security solutions, as well as data management & monitoring solutions. Our team has over 30 years of experience building superior high-speed connectivity and private LTE to support or clients across a variety of industries. 



Protect Your Property, People & Assets

As times continuously change, so do your security needs to protect property and keep people safe. Through our Complete Situational Awareness solution, our team will build a physical security solution that can incorporate an AIintelligent camera system, and more, without interfering with your network’s daily operations. 

Maintain Superior Connectivity & Protection 

Our unified solution can protect your network and ensure optimal performance. As your networking and security needs are being met, our lifecycle management  team takes a proactive approach to prevent obsolescence and ensure smooth, consistent network performance. As your network continues to progress, our team will plan, discover, monitor, and refine our solution to ensure your needs are continuously being met.    


Start your solution

Let our team build a complete situational awareness solution for your organization. Request site walk to get started.

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