by Chet Craig, Business Unit Manager – Lifecycle Management

Network infrastructure is the cornerstone of organizational and business success. It covers all aspects of business networks including Wi-Fi, routers, switches, firewalls, IoT networks, SD-Wan devices, microwaves and much more.

These networks connect businesses with consumers, provide tools for streamlining business practices and information, and create an agile environment to take advantage of rapidly changing market conditions and competition.

On the other hand, Network Infrastructure can also be the basis of business failure. Managing these crucial systems is no simple task. Networks can include thousands of devices and endpoints and can span several geographies, not to mention the need to keep up with changing technologies and security threats, all amounting to an operational nightmare. Finding the right people and managing confidentiality and business network integrity while also managing visibility to key infrastructure can be daunting.

Are the edges of your network expanding faster than you can manage? Are you searching through an overflowing basket of software and tools to find out what is going on in your network? Have you ever searched the internet for network monitoring tools? The possibilities are endless.

To add to the complexity, we read every day about new network infiltration schemes and business data security risks. How can managers, government leaders, and IT staff keep tabs on all aspects of the network while handling critical business needs? Finding the right tools and people to cover every specific network need is critical to reducing risks to your business.

The Scientel Solutions NOC, or Network Operation Center, is a control center operated by technical staff to continuously monitor and handle incidents related to the health and performance of infrastructure belonging to data centers, enterprises, service providers and other entities. It’s equipped to handle low-level network issues, in addition to more complex issues such as disaster recovery and lifecycle management. We’re staffed 24×7 and can respond to trouble in your network on your behalf. Our software can cover broad swaths of networks with up/down status or drill in for deep dives on network capacity issues and service evaluation.

We can monitor the basics like ICMP and SNMP or scour NetFlow data to find the applications misbehaving in your network. We manage your hardware warranty, your license agreements, and your software upgrades. We manage infrastructure and procedural changes, events, security, quality control and assurance, monitoring tools, ticketing systems, integration with customer tools, reporting, dashboards, and more. Additionally, we have vital relationships with many vendors including Nokia, Cisco, SevOne, Cambium, Aruba and more to help you facilitate the work that needs to be done.

We understand that every business has its own very unique, specific priorities, which is why our lifecycle model is specifically designed according to your network needs. This helps remove some of the ‘guess-work’, bias and assumptions, creating a baseline of how a network should perform and behave. We use this baseline to measure the success of the project, and to monitor network health. When it’s done right, network design is an ongoing cycle, a continuous process of improvement.

At a high level, the network design process follows these steps:

  • Identify business requirements
  • Compare the current network to the requirements
  • Design the network at a high level, then in detail
  • Deploy the network
  • Monitor and improve

The Scientel Solutions NOC supports business needs at any scale. Whether your network is a massive array of complex systems, or if you simply don’t have enough work to warrant hiring, training, and managing staff – we can help. Our automated 24/7 services ensure that your network infrastructure runs seamlessly so that your business can operate confidently and consistently

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