Scientel implements Siklu’s mmWave radios to deliver a seamless live stream experience of the 71st Illinois PGA Open at White Eagle Golf Club.

In August 2020, the White Eagle Golf Club (WEGC) in Naperville, IL hosted the 71st Illinois PGA Open. To enhance the audience experience, WEGC wanted to implement a high-definition livestream of the tournament.

The need to stream the action in real-time – uninterrupted and at high-definition – required a network solution that could handle a significant gigabit capacity and maintain reliable, low latency. Given the magnitude of the event, it was also essential that the aesthetic beauty of the course was maintained; intrusive cables throughout the fairways were not an option.

With a critical network challenge on its hands, WEGC turned to Scientel to recommend and implement the best solution for the tournament. Given the event’s unique challenges, Scientel recommended a network of mmWave radios from Siklu.

Scientel has worked extensively with Siklu technology over the years, and was confident that Siklu’s EtherHaul 614 TX radios would be able to deliver on the high-capacity, low-latency requirements and help provide a high-quality livestream experience for attendees.

Scientel was able to successfully implement the Siklu-powered solution within a matter of days. Thanks to the technology and its rapid deployment, WEGC’s PGA Open livestream was an unequivocal success – a particularly notable feat given that this was the Illinois PGA Section’s first livestreamed event.

“Siklu’s high capacity, low latency millimeter radios allowed for a seamless installation experience, as well as an interruption-fee video broadcast,” reported Mike Cataletto, our Vice President of Engineering. “We look forward to an expansion in next year’s event, broadcasting to an even larger audience.”

Scientel is excited to implement this proven solution at future golf tournaments and other major events.

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