Aurora, IL. – August 29th, 2022 –

As the summer comes to an end, Scientel says their goodbyes to this year’s interns. For years, Scientel has been nurturing an internship program that has since transformed into a complete professional development program; offering young adults a hands-on experience meant to broaden knowledge of business operations and processes, preparing them for the workforce.

This summer, Scientel brought on 5 interns who dove into a variety of different departments including: Accounting, Marketing, Engineering and Operations. Ranging from juniors in high school to juniors in college, Scientel prepared projects that focused on anything from financial reporting to analyzing sales data in and effort to expose our interns to all aspects of the business. Intern Jessica Keeley, University of Iowa Sophomore states, “this experience has taught me what I like and don’t like in the real world. It helped to experience jobs in different departments that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. It has also taught me to be more open minded because there is more than one way to get the right answer.”

“The internship program at Scientel provides aspiring high school and college students exposure to the vast industry of IT. Through hands on projects, each intern is given the opportunity to work side by side with our industry leading professionals to gain a deeper understanding of networking, drone monitoring and much more.”

– Dustin Mills, Human Resource Manager

Chelsea Santos, a returning 2022 intern mentions how the opportunity has helped prepare her for a professional career and provided insight as to what a profession can look like after college, while having the opportunity to take on unfamiliar applications and exploring new avenues of a business.

Though not all tasks were easy for the team, a major accomplishment has been learning new applications, processes, and best practices to complete the task at hand. “This internship has taught me a lot about my ability to problem solve as well as highlight the importance of independence as those are the two areas that I feel I grew most as an individual. On a professional level, Scientel gave me the insight as to what it’s like to work with a team to share ideas and properly tackle tasks”, Mitchell Gunderson, Sophomore at University of Tampa states.

Over the years, Scientel has seen great success with the internship program, in many cases they have been brought on as a permanent addition to the team, becoming leaders of the company.  Network Engineer, Rob Daniel talks about his experience beginning his career. “Scientel has provided me with unbelievable opportunities since coming onboard, from starting as an intern in college learning the field and working on small projects, to now training others and taking the lead on some of our largest networking projects. The things I have learned and places I have been in my years here, along with the experience and knowledge gained while working at Scientel is incomparable, and I look forward to continuing to see what else my career holds here.”

By investing in an internship, these students have not only broadened their spectrum of potential but have developed the leadership skills and will only aide them as they pursue their careers. Thank you to Chelsea, Jessica, Austin, Mitchell & Nathan for your hard work this summer, the Scientel team wishes you all the best of luck in the school year ahead and hope to see you back next year as you continue to develop your professional aptitude.

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