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Here is a collection of miscellaneous articles that recap the newest trends, advances, and news happening around the web in telecom, IoT and much more.

3 Ways First Responders Can Take Advantage of 5G and IoT

In this Article by Lindsay Notwell, three advantages of 5G are discussed that will benefit first responders “As first responders depend more on the Internet of Things technologies to carry out missions, new challenges for interoperable data communications are bound to emerge. The saving grace, however, may be that the IoT data flood is perfectly timed with the arrival of 5G networks, the fifth generation of cellular technology that promises to deliver speeds 10 times faster than 4G LTE and cut latency to milliseconds.” Check it out here.

Smart City Projects to Resolve Urban Areas’ Issues

Smart Cities are innovating to solve a variety of problems, remaining future-proof is key to a lasting investment. “Cities are getting more crowded. Already, more than half the world’s population lives in urban areas and this number is expected to increase to two thirds by 2050. With pressure increasing on public services and infrastructure, cities have been looking for innovative, future-proofing solutions.” (Albawaba). Read more here.

House of Representatives Passes Precision Agriculture Bill

Juan Tomas discusses a recently passed bill by the House of Representatives to provide funding and establish a task to develop broadband wireless for agricultural applications. “The legislation stipulates the creation of a task force to evaluate best ways to boost precision agriculture in American farms” Check it out here.

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