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Here is a collection of miscellaneous articles that recap the newest trends, advances, and news happening around the web in telecom, IoT and much more.

5G Forecast Force Owners to Prepare for Next-Gen Wireless

In an article by Kyle Campbell the future of 4G and 5G is explored. “An upcoming sea change in the wireless industry promises to optimize everything with a digital pulse, from phones, tablets, and watches to cars and even entire office towers. As carriers prepare the first wave of their fifth-generation, or 5G, cellular technologies, property owners are making sure their properties are ready, too, with extensive in-building networks.” Check it out here.

Five Key Trends in Telecom and Their Impact on Businesses

Craig Wigginton shares five trends from 5G to shifting consumer behaviors that will impact business. “Connectivity is an inseparable part of our daily lives and the telecom industry continues to evolve with the consumers’ needs and habits. Today, the industry is faced with a changing revenue stream with the revenue yield on data services continuing to decline as consumers use more and more data, with static or declining monthly bills. Hence, it is critical for the industry to identify rapid investment opportunities across the telecom portfolio—including fifth-generation wireless network technology (5G), Internet of Things (IoT), cross-industry partnerships (such as mHealth and mPayments), as well as a host of other growth opportunities.” Check it out here.

Why Image and Text Recognition Maybe Today’s Most Powerful RPA Tool

Peter Church discusses how technologies in image and text recognition are able to increase productivity among workers in today’s workforce. “This emerging form of technology uses artificial intelligence in order to recognize and identify different forms of data, including the actions taken by a user, the way someone interacts with different software, or just analyzing different data sources.” Check it out here.

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