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Here is a collection of miscellaneous articles that recap the newest trends, advances, and news happening around the web in telecom, IoT and much more.

Internet of Things (IoT) Movement and Us Today

This article describes what the Internet of Things Movement is and where it has taken us today. In addition, it dives into IoT’s next steps to maintain a safe world and efficient world in the future. “The Internet of Things movement (IoT) is a movement that has started ever since there were computers and the internet. IoT connects the internet to a variety of devices that do not normally have the internet to enable them to do a variety of additional tasks or processes that were previously unimaginable and not done.” Check it out here.

Five IoT Predictions For 2019

In this article by Daniel Newman, five predictions that will impact both consumers and business are predicted on what will happen in 2019. “Vehicles, wearable gadgets, RFID sensors, and software are advancing past basic function and the network is growing to include even more advancements each day. I have more connected gadgets in my home this year than I did last and I’m sure I’m not alone. I’d also bet that these advancements will be even more commonplace in our homes, businesses and on the road in 2019.” Check out the full article here.

IoT Security Warning: Your Hacked Devices Are Being Used For Cyber Crime Says FBI 

Privacy and security are of the utmost concern for businesses and consumers alike. With billions of devices connected and the number of connected devices expected to grow in the future, it is important for networks and devices to remain secure. In this article by Danny Palmer, the dangers of unsecured devices are discussed. “Internet of Things devices including routers, IP cameras and even smart locks and connected doors are being targeted by cyber criminals who are looking to exploit them as a gateway for hacking and other cyber attacks, the FBI has warned.” Check out the full article here.

Scientel Digest

Here is a collection of miscellaneous articles that recap the newest trends, advances, and news happening around the web in telecom, IoT and much more.

3 Ways First Responders Can Take Advantage of 5G and IoT

In this Article by Lindsay Notwell, three advantages of 5G are discussed that will benefit first responders “As first responders depend more on the Internet of Things technologies to carry out missions, new challenges for interoperable data communications are bound to emerge. The saving grace, however, may be that the IoT data flood is perfectly timed with the arrival of 5G networks, the fifth generation of cellular technology that promises to deliver speeds 10 times faster than 4G LTE and cut latency to milliseconds.” Check it out here.

Smart City Projects to Resolve Urban Areas’ Issues

Smart Cities are innovating to solve a variety of problems, remaining future-proof is key to a lasting investment. “Cities are getting more crowded. Already, more than half the world’s population lives in urban areas and this number is expected to increase to two thirds by 2050. With pressure increasing on public services and infrastructure, cities have been looking for innovative, future-proofing solutions.” (Albawaba). Read more here.

House of Representatives Passes Precision Agriculture Bill

Juan Tomas discusses a recently passed bill by the House of Representatives to provide funding and establish a task to develop broadband wireless for agricultural applications. “The legislation stipulates the creation of a task force to evaluate best ways to boost precision agriculture in American farms” Check it out here.

Fast & Easy Friday Digest

Here is a collection of articles from this past week that recap the newest trends, advances, and news happening around the web in telecom, IoT and much more.

Taking the Temperature of IoT for Healthcare

Fredric Paul discusses the current state of IoT in Healthcare in this post. “The Internet of Things (IoT) is full of promises to transform everything from transportation to building maintenance to enterprise security. But no field may have more to gain than the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers and device makers are all looking to the IoT to revolutionize the gathering of healthcare data and the delivery of care itself.” Check out the full article here.

5 Use Cases for Smart City IoT

In this article by Matt Leonard, five common applications are discussed about the capabilities of smart cities “Cities across the world are running internet-of-things pilots to gain insights that will them run more efficiently. A new white paper from the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for the Development and Application of Internet of Things Technologies  takes an exhaustive look at the promise of these burgeoning technologies.” Check out the full article here.

Adaptive Technology Programs Turn Robotics and IoT to Help People Who Have Disabilities

David Kawamoto discusses some of the trends that states are funding to help citizens. This article further explores ways that IoT and Technology of Things movements are able to help people in the future. “Smart technologies, such as robotic telepresence and the Internet of Things (IoT), are capturing the attention of adaptive technology programs in state and local governments, as well as educational institutions, according to experts.” Check out the full article here.

Scientel Digest

Here is a collection of miscellaneous articles that recap the newest trends, advances, and news happening around the web in telecom, IoT and much more.

5G Forecast Force Owners to Prepare for Next-Gen Wireless

In an article by Kyle Campbell the future of 4G and 5G is explored. “An upcoming sea change in the wireless industry promises to optimize everything with a digital pulse, from phones, tablets, and watches to cars and even entire office towers. As carriers prepare the first wave of their fifth-generation, or 5G, cellular technologies, property owners are making sure their properties are ready, too, with extensive in-building networks.” Check it out here.

Five Key Trends in Telecom and Their Impact on Businesses

Craig Wigginton shares five trends from 5G to shifting consumer behaviors that will impact business. “Connectivity is an inseparable part of our daily lives and the telecom industry continues to evolve with the consumers’ needs and habits. Today, the industry is faced with a changing revenue stream with the revenue yield on data services continuing to decline as consumers use more and more data, with static or declining monthly bills. Hence, it is critical for the industry to identify rapid investment opportunities across the telecom portfolio—including fifth-generation wireless network technology (5G), Internet of Things (IoT), cross-industry partnerships (such as mHealth and mPayments), as well as a host of other growth opportunities.” Check it out here.

Why Image and Text Recognition Maybe Today’s Most Powerful RPA Tool

Peter Church discusses how technologies in image and text recognition are able to increase productivity among workers in today’s workforce. “This emerging form of technology uses artificial intelligence in order to recognize and identify different forms of data, including the actions taken by a user, the way someone interacts with different software, or just analyzing different data sources.” Check it out here.