The Village of Schaumburg

security camera mounted on a pole in a parking lot

The Village of Schaumburg’s Real-Time Information Center Foresees Increased Situational Awareness as a Result of Scientel’s New Security Camera and LPR Implementation

 In 2020, the Village of Schaumburg (VOS) began a Situational Awareness project to support the Schaumburg Police Department’s (SPD) ongoing effort to stop and prevent crime.

Their goal was for a turn-key design-build solution that would subsidize a new camera and License Plate Recognition (LPR) aggregation system for the Woodfield Corridor.

The SPD is home to a state-of-the-art Real-Time Information Center (RTIC), a centralized camera monitoring system. By leveraging the RTIC platform, private organizations can connect their camera security and LPR systems back to Schaumburg PD. This new camera aggregation system would assist in discouraging the opportunity of crime and give the police complete situational awareness.

Scientel partnered with the VOS to carry out point-to-point links around the Village’s Woodfield Corridor. These cameras would serve as the eyes for the SPD’s RTIC.

“The system has been a significant benefit to Public Safety, giving them visibility into situations they did not have before. Previously, issues were limited to hearsay or obvious physical evidence. With the video system expanded around the Woodfield Mall, more detail can be presented around an incident. 


Chris Westgor, Technical Services Manager at The Village of Schaumburg 


Gaining rooftop access and finding a permanent power source for the cameras caused a slight obstruction in the installation process. 

During Scientel’s implementation process, access to various points of interest for installation was inaccessible for technicians. As the project continued, having consistent power to the street light poles and having access to traffic cabinets factored into further interference.

Additionally, Scientel engineers needed a workaround for Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) owned intersections as entities cannot install equipment on IDOT property.

security camera mounted to a pole at a stop light

Scientel established a new camera & LPR aggregation solution by working with the SPD, partnering with H&H Electric Co., and repositioning vantage points.

To tackle the rooftop access issue, Scientel met with building maintenance to discuss the scope of work and submitted a Certificate of Insurance. Once completed, technicians gained rooftop access and began the installation process.

By partnering with H&H Electric Co., Scientel had an experienced electrician control the VOS intersection to make the connections and set up the needed infrastructure.

The SPD provided traffic control support while Scientel’s technicians initiated new poles that will cover IDOT streets instead of being placed on the property.

“The installation of the hardware and connectivity components has been robust. [Scientel has] been quick to address concerns and have shown flexibility and creativity when solving challenging implementation issues.”


Peter Schaak, Director of Information Technology at Village of Schaumburg


The people of Schaumburg gain greater security as the Village of Schaumburg’s Police Department implements its new camera and LPR aggregation system. 

The Village of Schaumburg has gained new sight in the fight against crime. With Scientel’s newly instated solution, the SPD can more accurately respond to and prevent crime.

“The Schaumburg RTIC has provided critical information to public safety personnel which has resulted in crime prevention, improved situational awareness, and criminal apprehension. Within the first year of operation, there have been over 250 documented cases where the RTIC provided a significant benefit to first responders and the public.” 


– George (Bill) Wolf, Police Chief at Village of Schaumburg Police Department 

The true beneficiaries of Scientel’s solution are the community of Schaumburg. Now the residents of the Village can rest assured knowing that there are systems in place to protect them from crime.

Since the positive results and impact the system has provided have been incredibly positive, system expansion is under consideration to further protect the community.

“The primary benefit to residents, businesses, and visitors of the Village of Schaumburg is the reduction of criminal activity in the primary retail corridor. Police resources are able to respond faster and with more precision thanks to the operational awareness provided by the Real-Time Information Center.” 


– Peter Schaak, Director of Information Technology at Village of Schaumburg

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