Colorado River Municipal Water District 

Colorado River

The Colorado River Municipal Water District’s aging system gains an enhanced flow of communication as Scientel Solutions is brought on as an integration partner.

To meet the water needs of West Texas, the Colorado River Municipal Water Association was formed in 1949 and tasked with building the Colorado River Municipal Water District (CRMWD). After 73 years since the district’s initial creation, the CRMWD continues to provide over 600,000 West Texans with the water they need to survive. Over the CRMWD’s long history, its communication system had aged and needed critical upgrades. In 2019, CRMWD requested a communication system upgrade, and Scientel Solutions was brought in with the help of a partner to spearhead the integration and ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption.


The CRMWD’s aging communication system caused frequent call-outs, maintenance issues, and operation delays which impacted the efficacy of the district.

The District has a history that spans decades; due to its long-standing usage, various site plans were outdated. The aging equipment was no longer being manufactured, causing part availability to be nonexistent. The maintenance personnel were forced to operate the systems manually. The District knew these issues were negatively impacting their daily operations and needed a solution to update their network and create universal communication. Necessary maintenance from The District had become a regular occurrence and they had a major goal in mind – improving functionality with minimal disruption.


Scientel designed and installed a new network using Nokia licensed and Radwin unlicensed communication system while implementing a new RF design with 34 links.

Scientel had determined that to meet the CRMWD needs, it would have to utilize its partnerships with Nokia and Radwin. All partners involved worked together by installing equipment to the existing infrastructure, which laid the foundation for the new communication system.

From the scope of work, Scientel’s engineers understood this project required a new RF design and developed one with 34 links across 35 sites. In conjunction with the larger tasks of the project, Scientel did conduit installation, grounding of towers & shelters, and civil work. Seeing as Scientel’s technicians and engineering staff are Nokia Wavence certified, the implementation process was a seamless process for both the client and team. The Scientel team was able to effectively replicate their experiences with Nokia and Radwin equipment and train The District’s staff for future needs.

Colorado River

“The new system has dramatically improved the speed and reliability of the SCADA’s communication system which makes system operation much more streamlined and efficient” ​

– John Womack

CRMWD Operations Manager

In December of 2021, the CRMWD communication system was finished and revamped. Spanning 16 counties with 700 miles of water transmission lines and 28 pump stations, it is understandable why an optimal communication system is critical. Once installations were complete, the CRWMD noticed a dramatic difference in the overall functionality of their communication system. Members of the CRWMD operations team specifically mentioned: how much better the system operates with the new equipment. The operation of the RF and Network designs made data and information considerably more accessible to the CRMWD staff. With data being more accurate and easily shared, users of the system have seen overall increased reliability.

“[The system] has decreased call outs due to its improved reliability.”​

–  John Womack

CRMWD Operations Manager

The District’s updated system ensures a durable flow of communication, enhancing the safety and quality of the water that West Texans use to continue living their lives. Since the completion of the communication system, Scientel and CRMWD have continued their partnership and have begun future project planning for years to come.


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