Scientel believes in the importance of internships to help create a better work force and to help students get real world experience.   In summer 2020, we had four interns.  We asked them to give us a quick summary of their experience with us.

Here is what Cade, Joseph, Darla, and Jacklyn had to say:

“From the start of my internship, I was welcomed with open arms and treated as a valued employee of the company. I felt I could approach any member with questions related to my work. In addition, the variety of work allowed me to see how each department is interconnected within the company’s holistic approach to the Information Technology world. As a Strategic Intern, I gained a new perspective of how the company’s past dictates its future operations, and their 360 degree style enabled me to explore various areas of work. This leveraged my ability to develop as a business student while making significant contributions to the company’s expansion.”

-Cade Kenyon, University of Indiana


“As a Market Research Intern, I could tap into all divisions of Scientel Solutions. This allowed me to learn about how the marketing department works, the developments of the engineering department, and how leadership ties the entire company together. The ability to do research on all these different areas allowed me to enhance my knowledge in a variety of industries and gain essential skills that are needed in the business world. Being able to speak intelligibly on new topics, such as the counter-UAS space, allows me to broaden my understanding of industries and how people do business. The beauty of Scientel Solutions is that it has a variety of solution lines that can always be tapped into for intellectual progression.”

-Darla Andoni, Cornell University


“The same 360-degree approach Scientel Solutions offers as the universal integrator it is, is the exact approach implemented within the internship experience as well. When first starting the internship program, you are educated formally on what exactly it is that Scientel Solutions provides for their customers. From there, you will always have something to work on which will truly provide you an understanding of each function of the company itself. This is done by working on projects for each of the departments within Scientel Solutions. Given the company size, it feels a lot like a family, and everyone is looking out for your best interest to grow. This is an opportunity I am truly lucky to learn from, and can confidently say I am proud to be a part of the Scientel family.”

-Joseph Thomas, Miami University


“When interning at Scientel Solutions, I realized the genuine roots of the organization remain consistent in the culture of the enterprise itself. This is experienced through my rotational role assisting each arm of Scientel Solutions. My growth is consistently nurtured and cared for in order for me to not only be a value add asset to the organization itself, but also for my personal development and the refinement of my skills and traits. Along with this, given it being my first professional opportunity, it has given me a true outlook on what is to come after my completion of my undergraduate degree.”

-Jacklyn Keeley, University of Indiana


We thank each of our wonderful interns and wish them success in school and life.

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