As the new generation begins their journey into the workforce, Scientel is proud to have offered our 2021 interns a paid, hands-on experience in their field of study. We had an exciting summer with our four incredible interns who helped us in the development and execution of various departmental projects. Our interns this year included Owen GrammTexas Christian University, Sophomore; Declan CraigNewcastle University, Second year; Chelsea Santos Neuqua Valley High School, Senior; Cade KenyonIndiana University, Senior. 

We put our interns’ skills to the test as they collaborated with our accounting, administration, engineering, and marketing groups. Each department provided the interns projects and mentoring that directly aligned with each student’s field of interest. The interns quickly picked up on each new skill and were very helpful  through activities that included data entry, market research, technical support, and enterprise resource planning. 

Cade Kenyon, majoring in Finance & Business Analytics, recalls his most memorable task during a project: “[I gathered] all the information I could find through research to build financial projections for the profitability of the project over the next decade or so. It has allowed me to put my various research and analytical skills to work in order to present a financial analysis…”

Owen Gramm, double majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, said, “My most memorable project during my internship was when I aided in the process of switching our accounting system. This project forced me to dive head-first into learning about the new system and allowed me to apply all the skills I have learned in class. It outlined my biggest strengths and weaknesses, and throughout this project I became more and more comfortable with all sides of accounting.”

Declan Craig, who majors in Computer Science, said that “Working on NetSuite implementation and the many problems we had to find solutions for was the most memorable project for me. It was thoroughly enjoyable working with the rest of the implementation team to craft ideas and help put them into place. We had a lot of problems during the end of the implementation cycle, and it was rewarding to figure out ways around the problems and to weigh the pros and cons of each decision on how it would affect the system and, more importantly, the company.”

Chelsea Santos, the youngest of our interns this year, says, “I’ve been making a lot of different spreadsheets this summer for a variety of different projects that has let me learn a lot more about it. I only knew the extreme basics of Excel but being able to work a lot with the program has allowed me to learn some cool tricks in order to organize the data I was working with.”

We are thrilled that each intern enjoyed their experience here at Scientel and hope they continue building a brighter future for tomorrow’s workforce, just as they have brightened the daily lives of our employees.

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