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Innovative solutions designed for state & local institutions

We enhance municipalities and improve the lives of their constituents by delivering future-proof solutions that are secure, reliable and optimized to work within existing structures. With innovative networking capabilities, leading drone defense solutions, and smart city technologies, we have impacted nearly every sector of State & Local government—from traffic control and policing, to street-level amenities and water management.

State and Local SOLUTIONS

Creating smarter communities

We transform your community through advanced networking and AI & IoT solutions, including Private LTE network integration, offering residents a better quality-of-life and empowering municipalities to be more connected, efficient and secure. Our smart city solutions include public safety, essential services management and more.

Defending public areas from drone threats

As drones become increasingly prevalent, they present a serious threat to public areas, including stadiums, busy streets, government offices, critical infrastructure, and other high-traffic or secure areas. It’s a new threat, and it demands a new generation of security solutions.

At Scientel, we design, implement and support innovative drone defense solutions – from invisible “fences” in the sky to radio-frequency tracking systems – that protect the public from unwanted drones.

Protecting officials and staff with thermal detection

We deliver advanced, fully integrated thermal detection solutions that identify potential human virus threats before they enter a secure government location. In the wake of COVID-19, we created the Mobile Evaluation and Triage (MET) unit, a portable system that uses retinal tear duct scanning to quickly (<1 second) and accurately (<0.4 degrees Fahrenheit) read the temperatures of individuals. 

Building disaster-readiness

Our experienced engineers help you prepare for any disaster, offering readily available information shared through cloud technology, real-time monitoring of vital information, video surveillance networks and infallible communication access during times of disaster preparation and recovery. Our cloud data security solutions remain secure before, during and after attacks.

Enhancing public safety

We understand the intricate needs of the public safety sector, and we design, create and monitor networks for police, fire, and medical first responders throughout the country. Our superior solutions are designed for efficient use of resources in any mission-critical response with the bandwidth to handle all emergency situations.

Bringing connectivity to rural areas

Reliable internet connection is essential to a community’s quality of life and economic well-being—especially as businesses, residents and government entities become increasingly reliant on IoT technologies and AI applications. Distance and terrain can impose serious obstacles to providing reliable coverage to all corners of an area.

Scientel partners with communities – often in remote or hard-to-reach places – to deliver scalable, cost-effective and future-proof solutions that meet the needs of both data volume and communication connectivity.

Unlocking key insights

We integrate robust monitoring applications and surveillance systems to bring critical insights to state and local law enforcement and other public institutions. With integrated geo-location services and asset-tracking, your organization will have reliable access to real-time data essential to security and resource allocation.

Securing sensitive data

We use next-generation technology to deliver optimal data security on your IP network. By leveraging a consolidated IP network to serve multiple agencies, Scientel Solutions can integrate future-proof technologies into a solution that is secure, reliable and scalable.

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How we work

COACH –We whiteboard with clients to determine the technologies and solutions that will deliver the outcome they desire—while accounting for factors like budget, compliance and existing systems.
DESIGN – We work with you to design a cost-effective, future proof solution that meets your unique requirements, accounting for unique needs that may span multiple state or local agencies.
IMPLEMENT – Our knowledgeable team integrates your solution into your environment while minimizing interruption to existing systems. We provide training for staff and communicate with contacts throughout implementation.
SUPPORT – We protect your investment and ensure optimal performance through continual maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

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