“The thermal camera was a gamechanger for us in the middle of all of this. To be able to take temperatures that quickly in such a nonintrusive way” states Ryan Dowd, Executive Director of Hesed House.

Scientel Solutions LLC (Lombard, IL. USA) kicks off their Mobile Evaluation and Triage (MET) unit by installing into the 2nd largest homeless shelter in Illinois, Hesed House (Aurora, IL. USA).


The Mobile Evaluation and Triage product is designed for remote high-tech triage, allowing for diagnostics in restricted or quarantined areas. This unit allows you to thermal scan a person in one second.


Originally, Hesed House started using handheld thermometers that you scan roughly a centimeter from your forehead – but continuously were receiving inaccurate results. From there, they began to utilize a more accurate three setting thermometer with a changeable guard swap for everyone. Although, receiving accurate results – they were unable to read temperatures for everyone because of the time that was involved with that process. The MET unit has been a great way to both receive accurate readings at a quick pace and allow everyone to abide by the social distancing guidelines.


“We’re using the thermal camera to very quickly screen everybody at Hesed House which has been a huge help. We have a lot of people here and taking everyone’s temperature the old-fashioned way would have just taken way to long. It has really been a huge help having the unit here” explains Ryan Dowd, Executive Director at Hesed House. “The two major benefits that I saw using the unit were that one, it was faster – way faster than standard thermometers once it was set up; and two, it was much less intrusive then trying to put a thermometer inside of someone’s mouth” Ryan adds.


MET requires minimal training or health care experience for unit operators. The automatic alert that can be adjusted based on your desired levels, notifies you to potential health risks before an individual may even know they are a risk. The MET can be positioned wherever the need is, from an ER unit to a building entrance lobby to an assisted living center.


“We install this unit with the intention of it having the ability to reduce the spreading of COVID-19 by early fever detection. We wanted to ensure that Hesed House had one of our first units; continuing to support their organization is a prime business objective for Scientel. Keeping people healthy and safe is a basic human need that we are proud to be a part of during this uncertain time” states Nelson Santos, President of Scientel Solutions. “We hope to see these units implemented into all healthcare facilities, sporting venues, airports, universities and other large gathering places as soon as possible to ensure the safety of all individuals and get back to doing things we all enjoy.” Santos adds.


About Hesed House


Today, Hesed House is the second largest homeless shelter in the State of Illinois, and the largest shelter outside of the city of Chicago. We utilize more than 7,500+ volunteers from over 90 area churches, businesses and service organizations to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness every year. Hesed House sees 16 newly homeless individuals each week – that’s one new homeless individual every 8 1/2 hours. Hesed House strives to get 16 or 17 individuals out of homelessness each week. With the help of professional staff, alliances with outside agencies over a thousand people are served through Hesed House’s shelter and three housing programs annually. Visit them at: www.hesedhouse.com

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