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Our experienced team partners with education institutions across the nation – from local school districts to large universities – to deliver innovative network solutions that enhance the learning experience and create safer, more efficient campuses.


Evolving Primary & Secondary Education

Paperless systems, student tablets, computer education courses, campus security, and an increasingly varied network of IoT devices can make your learning environment safer, more efficient and more engaging. At the same time, these technologies put an immense strain on your network, demanding more broadband and more connectivity. This is a challenge for all school systems – which often operate on a tight budget – but is especially difficult for those with an aging network infrastructure.

At Scientel, we help you upgrade your network infrastructure to meet the demands of today, while future-proofing your system to account for the challenges of tomorrow.

Going Paperless

Tablets and laptops are valuable tools—for students, teachers and administrators. With wireless tech, students can access their coursework and notes from anywhere. Those in need of extra assistance can use software that augments their modified learning plans. Teachers, meanwhile, can access student’s assignments via the cloud and grade on the go. Administrators benefit from increased efficiency. On average, admins save $30,000-$50,000 annually by switching to a paperless classroom, money that can be reinvested in the educational experience.

While their benefits are numerous, these paperless technologies require more bandwidth and connectivity than most schools are equipped to deliver. That’s where we come in.

At Scientel, we help your organization create a new network designed to increase capacity—so students, teachers, administrators and visitors can utilize different smart devices simultaneously, across campus.

Preparing Students for the Future

Computer programming courses are increasingly common, as students prepare for careers in a tech-driven world. As a result, today’s schools are faced with a challenge: With these computer-driven courses using significant Wi-Fi bandwidth – alongside hundreds or even thousands of additional smart devices – your school’s network infrastructure must have the capacity to support this unprecedented demand.

Many don’t. But we can help.

Our team helps you upgrade your network with the power you need to provide these essential educational experiences, while supporting numerous other devices connected to your network.

Strengthening Security

We leverage leading-edge IoT technologies to protect students and educators, while offering administrators more control over their environment.

Scientel offers a variety of security solutions tailored to your needs. Our video surveillance networks provide administrators with real-time video monitoring for early awareness and prevention, while storing footage of events in the cloud. Sensors installed in exterior doors can alert administrators of any unwanted or forced entry, while smart locks allow you to control who enters or leaves the building in an emergency.

Connecting Universities

Scientel Solutions helps your university provide a flexible, reliable and cost-effective broadband network that can support tens of thousands of smart devices used by students, educators, administrators, prospective students, and alumni. We work closely with university administrations and staff to create a more effective and efficient learning environment through custom network solutions

Increasing Bandwidth

The bandwidth needs of universities are quickly changing, and we can help you adapt. As thousands of devices log into your campus Wi-Fi, there is an unprecedented strain on your network.

We help you adapt to increasingly demanding and complex bandwidth needs with smart, future proof network solutions designed for your campus environment.

Strengthening Security

Security is of supreme importance across a campus, and Scientel Solutions is committed to helping you keep everyone safe. We offer sophisticated monitoring systems with customized alarms for our cloud networks and your physical property. Video surveillance systems help deter and prevent campus crime, while stored video data can be extracted for evidence.

In addition to physical security, we help you secure everyone’s cloud access with certificate-based logins for enrolled students and employees, while offering a steadfast network for visitors, prospective students and alumni.

Transforming Your Wireless Environment

Transforming your university’s wireless environment with future-proof technology can be highly cost-effective.

Our team helps you significantly reduce campus maintenance expenses with energy monitoring and automated management systems. For example, by capturing footfall data by Wi-Fi users, school administrators can better predict where to place revenue-driving amenities, like drink kiosks and pop-up vendors during sports games.

That means more revenue for your school.

With optimal resource management through a smart wireless environment, Scientel Solutions helps you eliminate wasteful spending and maximize return on investment (ROI).

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How we work

COACH – In this consultation phase, we whiteboard with clients to create a plan that will deliver your desired outcomes—while accounting for factors like budget, compliance and the sensitivities of existing systems.
DESIGN – We work with you to design a custom solution tailored to the unique needs of your institution.
IMPLEMENT – We work with you to design a custom solution tailored to the unique needs of your institution.
SUPPORT – We protect your investment and ensure optimal performance through continual maintenance, repairs and upgrades.
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