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We are guiding enterprises into the future. With decades of experience across a variety of industries using a breadth of advanced technologies, our engineers deliver innovative networking and smart city solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. Whether it’s optimizing data collection or securing private communications, we create the networks that achieve your goals.
From Drone Defense to hyper-sonic data movement, we design, implement and support essential innovations that empower your enterprise to be more efficient, secure and connected.

Enterprise SOLUTIONS

Defending Your Enterprise from any Threat, Even the Ones that Fly

As the ubiquity – and threat – of drones rises globally, we design, implement and support custom defense solutions that protect our clients and their assets. Our innovative solutions are designed to defend your facility or event without disrupting your communication infrastructure.

Protecting People & Facilities with Innovative Thermal Detection

In the new normal, we empower your organization to protect staff and visitors with innovative thermal detection solutions. Our systems utilize advanced Thermal Retinal cameras that quickly (<1 second) and accurately (<0.4 degrees Fahrenheit) read temperatures via the tear duct. Our retinal cameras provide far superior accuracy to traditional thermal cameras that read temperature by scanning the skin.

Powering Efficiency, Security & Quality of Care for Healthcare Providers

As IoT technologies revolutionize health management, we enable healthcare organizations to provide better care for their patients, cut costs through improved efficiency, and secure sensitive data.
We understand the importance of security and compliance in the healthcare industry, and we’re committed to providing you with compliant solutions using the same infallible communication systems used by government and law enforcement agencies nationwide.

  • We integrate encrypted private networks, enabling physicians to retrieve patient data anywhere with smart devices. This improves the quality of care inside and outside the medical facility.
  • We build secure, anytime-anywhere wireless links using access points. This allows medical staff to register and diagnose patients, schedule procedures and administer medications with greater efficiency. With wireless links, nurses can use handheld devices to digitally input patient data within the hospital’s network, removing the time-consuming and error-prone process of inputting the data by hand.
  • We help successfully connect hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, physicians and patients using a secure, HIPAA-compliant broadband network.

Improving Safety and Profitability for Oil & Gas

We custom-design technology solutions for the complex challenges of the oil and gas industry. Leveraging leading-edge Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technologies, our team seamlessly transitions your existing infrastructure into a smart system—connecting devices and applications to increase efficiency, safety, and profitability.

  • We keep you connected from anywhere, no matter how remote or challenging your site location. Our engineers establish remote internet access and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to ensure dependable communications, even in the most extreme conditions.
  • We create solutions that enable you to remotely monitor all operational networks, such as pump compressor station control systems, as business-critical data is stored safely in a secure cloud. Wireless data backhauling ensures that vital data acquisition is never interrupted.
  • We enable your team to monitor and measure wellheads, pumps and pipeline pressure on-site to maximize profitability using Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) and sophisticated wireless MAS/SCADA systems.
  • We always prioritize safety and security within our network design. We help you prevent accidents with leak detection and gas storage monitoring, automated alarm systems and early detection of hazardous conditions using real-time video surveillance networks.

Elevating Efficiency & Productivity at Corporate Headquarters

We help your business streamline operations, increase worker productivity, collect need-to-know insights, and keep proprietary information secure from threats with forward-leading IoT technology. Our engineers can even design systems that leverage your existing telecommunication infrastructure for a quicker return on your investment.
One of the greatest risks facing companies today is the loss of confidential and sensitive information. Scientel Solutions applies the same security solutions to enterprise clients as we provide for government agencies nationwide—from physical security with Drone Defense and video monitoring systems to data protection via secure communication, data encryption, and robust monitoring systems. Scientel ensures protection from hackers and bad agents before, during and after an attack.
Efficiency is key at corporate headquarters. We integrate Automated Campus Management systems – with automated climate control, watering systems, and central resource management – to help your organization increase operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs and utility waste.
In addition to elevating operational efficiency, we can help enhance worker productivity by adding Wi-Fi Hot Zones to your most trafficked common areas — allowing workers to connect to the internet wherever they are most productive.

Improving Customer Experience & Security for Retailers

We help you improve your customers’ shopping experience and increase profitability with innovative solutions designed for your needs.

  • Does your business own multiple retail locations? We empower you to streamline customer databases and inter-store communication with a customized Point-to-Point sales system. With this system, you can safely store customer information using POS database encryption while extracting need-to-know insights, like purchasing patterns. Private communications networks allow you the confidence that you are not sharing your private information on public networks.
  • We implement store-wide Wi-Fi Hot Zones, giving you a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solution to anticipate and meet customer demand. With store-wide Wi-Fi, purchasing transactions are seamless—store employees can check inventory and help customers with checkout from handheld devices. Plus, by offering complimentary Wi-Fi to customers, retailers can capture valuable demographic data and use traffic analytics to optimize merchandising placements.
  • Our engineers design and integrate video surveillance networks that deter crime and capture evidence of shoplifting scams, employee theft, and policy non-compliance.

Bringing Value & Efficiency to Consumer Utilities

We partner with consumer utilities organizations to increase efficiency through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Automated Meter Readings (AMR).
Our team enables maximum control over your plant with smart grid operations, video surveillance and monitoring, Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) and energy management systems. Using these advanced technologies, we help your organization increase efficiency and eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs.

Optimizing Water Management

We help you manage and protect the world’s most valuable resource – clean, accessible water – with custom solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Our team uses leading-edge technologies to help you control water flow for extended distances while driving down operational costs.
We empower your organization to optimize management of pump stations, tanks, irrigation systems and treatment plant controls—using a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, network management system and wireless radio.
In addition to optimizing your operation today, we future-proof your system by transitioning TDM to IP technology, allowing for increased capabilities and adaptability.

Maximizing Profitability for Mining Operations

We design a sophisticated communication network to streamline your mining operation, increase profitability and ensure security, even in the harshest of environments.

Our high-performing, agile communication systems help your organization leverage existing telecommunications infrastructure to manage multiple sites on an efficient, streamlined IP network.

Nonstop productivity can help your organization reach its commercial goals more efficiently, while remote and mobile monitoring of your site operations improves spot analysis. With our systems, production will never slow down due to a loss of connection.

We ensure that your key automated features stay connected using Smart Grid technology, and we protect your assets through continuous data monitoring and storage in a secure cloud.

In order to maintain maximum profitability in a mining operation, all resources must be utilized to their fullest potential. Scientel Solutions can help your organization automate your asset management and secure your resources using security and surveillance applications.

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How we work

COACH –In this consultation phase, we whiteboard with clients to determine the technologies and solutions that will deliver the outcome they desire—while accounting for factors like budget, compliance and existing systems.
DESIGN – We work with you to design your custom solution, accounting for the unique needs of your organization.
IMPLEMENT – Our knowledgeable team integrates the solution into your environment, while minimizing interruption to existing systems. We provide training for staff and communicate with contacts throughout implementation.
SUPPORT – We protect your investment and ensure optimal performance through continual maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

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