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The Mobile Evaluation and Triage (MET) unit, designed & integrated by Scientel

As the world adapts to the new normal, we’re empowering organizations to protect employees, visitors, facilities, workplaces and events with the fast and mobile thermal retinal scanning technology of the Mobile Evaluation and Triage (MET) unit. Our systems utilize advanced Thermal Retinal cameras that quickly (<1 second) and accurately (<0.4 degrees Fahrenheit) read temperatures via the tear duct.

About our Mobile Evaluation and Triage (MET) Unit

Superior Accuracy with Retinal Scanning Technology

While most thermal scanning units read temperature via the skin, we utilize Thermal Retinal units that read temperature via the tear duct. This advanced technology is accurate within four tenths of a degree (<0.4 degrees Fahrenheit), as opposed to the six-degree variance of most cameras.

In addition, our thermal cameras have an environmental reading of within four tenths of a degree Fahrenheit to ensure optimal calibration.

Intelligent safety with fast and mobile thermal scanning technology

Scientel Solutions can integrate the MET with other systems to automatically alert security and/or medical staff of potential danger.

Thermal scanning has been recommended for numerous industries by both OSHA and the CDC. This hands-off system protects both employees and visitors, instills confidence and helps to keep sites open and operations running.

We design, implement and support MET solutions, including on-site calibration and employee user training.

Designed for a Variety of Sites & Events

  • Hospitals & Healthcare facilities
  • Convention centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Office buildings & corporate headquarters
  • Stadiums, festivals, arenas and other event venues


  • Completely mobile evaluation cart, easily positioned
  • M16 Thermal Camera (accurate to 0.4 degree and able to scan up to 60 people/minute)
  • Mini-PC and 24″ monitor
  • Color Camera
  • Calibration unit (Optional Add On)
Can be positioned anywhere
Accurate temperature readings within 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
Scans up to 60 people/minute
Requires minimal training or healthcare experience for operators
Notifies you of potential health risks, often before individuals are aware that they are at risk
Can be directly connected with multiple sources, including security and medical staff.
• • • Mobile Evaluation and Triage Unit • • •

How we work

COACH –In this consultation phase, we partner with clients to determine the technologies and solutions that will deliver the outcome they desire—while accounting for factors like budget, compliance and existing systems.
DESIGN – We work with you to design the optimal thermal safety solution for your facility or event, identifying key access points and modifying your solution based on volume and floorplan.
IMPLEMENT – We calibrate your system onsite and provide staff training. In addition, we help you design crowd-flow solutions to ensure everyone entering the site is scanned.
SUPPORT – We provide ongoing support of our thermal safety solutions, including maintenance, upgrades and staff training.
Let’s Connect

Speak with a Scientel Solutions representative about the MET system.

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