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Build a Safety Network That Goes Beyond Detection

Create a cost-effective, quick deploy network of safety with a new License Plate Recognition camera system. Our solution integrates with several recognition platforms and can provide real-time alerts, conduct comprehensive searches, and leverage advanced analytics.

Motorola license plate recognition camera

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Innovating LPR Solutions with Easily Integrable Technology

Our LPR solution is tailormade for your organization’s specific needs. Our team of engineers and technicians is experienced in multiple LPR platforms to ensure a solution that captures the most accurate license plate recognition data.

Widen Your Area of Range for Optimal Coverage

With its flexible deployment capabilities coupled with high-resolution cameras, our solution produces an increased line of sight that can angle at complex vantage points. 

Have Greater Accuracy with Data and Comprehensive Reporting

By providing a simple hot-list management system, Real-Time alerting, advanced vehicle location analytics, and customer-managed data access and sharing platform, users will have a complete situational awareness of their coverage area.

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How we work

COACH – In this consultation phase, we strategize with clients to create a solution that provides the cyber security you need.
DESIGN – We work with you to design a custom, comprehensive cyber security solution optimized to the needs of your environment.
IMPLEMENT – We bring your cyber solution to life, integrating it into your network with minimal interruption.
SUPPORT – We continue to maximize the value of your cyber security solution with regular maintenance, upgrades and training.
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