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Delivering superior local connectivity & security with Private LTE

We design, implement and support innovative Private LTE solutions for governments, communities and enterprises. These networks optimize smart technologies and mission-critical applications through secure, high-performance local connectivity. From system analysis to deployment, we deliver a turnkey solution that works for you—now, and in the future.


Increasing capacity and Extending coverage

Private LTE allows industrial, government, education and enterprise industries to operate their own closed wireless network independently, isolated from public or commercial wireless networks. Private networks are not exposed to commercial bandwidth issues or RF interference from nearby radios. Private LTE allows for reliable and closed communication with strong network security.

Private LTE is the foundation of a smarter tomorrow

We create a smarter, more connected community through Private LTE networks, empowering governments and enterprises with reliable, fast, secure and powerful connectivity. Private LTE’s have the ability to run across great distances and varied terrain. Your organization will be capable of collecting data analytics, avoid reoccurring data costs, and have the ability to support various locations and applications that require high-bandwidth.

    Powering industrial Networks

    Our team integrates supplemental Private LTE networks for a variety of industrial sectors, including utilities, oil and gas, waste & water departments, mining operations and more. These Private networks complement existing industrial networks that use Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to manage their assets and operations.


    Enhancing situational awareness for first responders

    We deliver Private LTE communication networks for public safety agencies, enabling your organization to operate on your own secure and reliable network within your designated region. For first responders, these networks deliver actionable data and offer vital capacity to enhance situational awareness. With a Private LTE network for first responders, your public safety agencies can ensure a coordinated, effective response without relying on public channels.


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    How we work

    COACH –In this consultation phase, we partner with clients to determine their technological needs and create a solution that delivers the desired outcome—while accounting for factors like budget, compliance and existing systems.
    DESIGN – We work with you to design a custom Private LTE solution optimized to the needs of your environment.
    IMPLEMENT – Our team builds your Private LTE network by installing small cells, micro-towers, edge routers and other infrastructures on-site. We integrate your network with existing systems and provide staff training where needed.
    SUPPORT – We protect your investment and ensure continued optimal performance. Our comprehensive lifecycle management service includes advisory, maintenance, repairs and upgrades.
    Let’s Connect

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