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Advanced technologies alongside industry-specific expertise enables Scientel to deliver custom drone defense solutions. We can design a system that meets your needs, addresses your challenges and protects your assets.


Enhancing prison security

Smugglers are using drones to deliver drugs, phones and weapons to prisons. It’s happening with growing frequency around the world.  

We enhance your facility’s security system by integrating custom drone defense solutions and providing staff training and ongoing support. Our SkyFence™ solution is especially effective for prisons, creating an invisible, impermeable “wall” that uses RF electronic countermeasures to identify and bring down unwanted drones.

Our team creates solutions that help you deter, detect, track, identify and defeat drone threats, without interfering with your existing communications/security systems.

Protecting Film and TV Production Sites

Drones are now being used by paparazzi, voyeurs and corporate spies to intrude on filming production and spy on celebrities. Drone interference can ruin an entire day of production and create leaks on protected story lines. Maintaining privacy on shooting details is paramount and entire projects can be compromised by just one drone filming or live streaming your production.

We deliver a wide range of scalable drone defense systems that will create a drone barrier to your film sites. No matter what the terrain or location, we can create a defense barrier that will block out interlopers and potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whether a fixed site for multiple use or a single use location, we can assure you the privacy you require.

Defending airports

Aviation authorities are reporting that record numbers of unwanted drones are appearing in airport skies, increasing the likelihood of collisions with commercial aircraft and putting passengers and flight crews in danger.

We design, implement and support a wide range of drone defense solutions tailored to the needs of airports. Our solutions range from RF detection systems that identify and track threats in real time to jamming devices that can bring down unwanted drones in your airspace. We design systems that are scalable and future-proof, and we work with you to integrate them into your security infrastructure without interfering with your existing communication or defense systems.

Securing stadiums & arenas

Facilities that draw large crowds for sporting events, concerts and festivals are popular targets for irresponsible – or malicious – drone users, presenting a significant safety risk. From illegal filming to acts of terrorism, drones are the favorite tool of bad actors everywhere. 

We work with you to protect your site or event space. Scientel can implement permanent solutions into your security infrastructure, or we can deploy mobile technologies for events or special occasions. We deliver custom, cost-effective solutions that keep visitors and staff safe during events… whether your needs are permanent or for a temporary function.

Protecting corporations from IP thieves

Drones are being used with criminal intent. Often fitted with microphones, WiFi hacking devices and other advanced technologies, drones bypass physical security and steal intellectual property from businesses. Hackers have used drones to steal a variety of sensitive data, from credit-card information and mobile phone numbers to training materials of professional sports teams.

We work with you to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats—and design, implement and support a solution that provides comprehensive defense.

Protecting critical infrastructure

Unwanted drones – whether malicious or simply reckless – present a serious threat to critical infrastructure. Terrorists, thieves and others have already used drones to attack or steal from nuclear facilities, oil installations, fracking sites, and other critical infrastructure facilities.

We design, implement and support a range of drone defense solutions to provide comprehensive protection for critical infrastructure sites. Solutions like SkyFence™ – a permanent electronic countermeasures system that creates an impermeable “wall” around a secure area – provide scalable, automatic and cost-effective protection.

As Universal Integrators with experience in state, local and federal government, we work with you to create a solution that addresses your needs.

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How we work

COACH – In this consultation phase, we partner with clients to determine the technologies and solutions that will deliver the outcome they desire—while accounting for factors like budget, compliance and existing systems.
DESIGN – We work with you to design a custom, future-proof drone defense solution optimized to the needs of your environment.
IMPLEMENT – We integrate our defense solutions into your environment without interfering with your communication infrastructure. We communicate with you throughout the project, offering regular updates, so you can feel confident that we’re delivering the value you need.
SUPPORT – We provide ongoing support of our drone defense solutions, including personnel training and upgrades and enhancements. As threats evolve, we evolve your defense solution to protect you and your assets.
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