Advanced defense
from any threat,
even the ones that fly
The global threat of drones continues to rise daily. From nuances to weaponized threats, drones are becoming more sophisticated and technologically advanced. Scientel can design, implement and support custom defense solutions that protect you, your company and all your assets. Our innovative solutions are designed to defend your facility or event without disrupting your communication or security infrastructure.

A Soaring Threat

3 Million +

Drones Sold Globally


Annual Growth Rate

$43.1 B

Est. Global Drone Market by 2024


Drone Detection

When an unwanted drone approaches or enters your airspace, our early warning systems alert security immediately for prompt operational responses.

Real-Time Tracking

Our systems track drones in real time over a wide area, using 3-dimensional tracking capabilities. With our solutions, you can monitor and react to threats in real time.

Aircraft Identification

Our aircraft identification technology analyzes drone characteristics and signatures to determine whether they are friendly or threats. This is key, as some events or sites permit certain drones in their airspace.

Defeat The Device

We integrate  interruption and physical capture technologies to disable more than 99% of commercial drone threats, with no effect on your existing communication system.


SkyFence Fixed Installation Drone Protection

SkyFence™ is a scalable, automatic and fully integrated electronic countermeasures system that stops more than 99% of commercial drones. It prevents drones from flying into or close to a protected location by disrupting the devices’ command and navigation radio transmissions.

The system is installed along an existing perimeter fence, creating an electronic ‘wall’ that extends into the sky. An operator-controlled drone is unable to fly through this invisible barrier.

The SkyFence™ is automatically activated, and it works in any weather, day or night. The system stops more than 99% of commercial drones—with no effect on communications systems.

AeroSentry® & Drone Detection as a Service (DSaaS)

We use multi-sensory, radio frequency-scanning technologies to detect, track and identify drones across a large area, on land or at sea. Our team works with security-cleared experts to design, implement and support the right system for your environment.

Our backwards-compatible systems can be fully integrated into existing Security Management Systems (SMS), reducing the training requirement for your staff.

Solar Sentinel Deployable CCTV Drone Detection

This Solar Sentinel is a solar-powered, rapidly deployable drone detection and CCTV platform. The system combines cutting-edge camera surveillance technology with proprietary drone detection software to offer a robust, flexible, cost-effective security solution for events and sites.

AeroGuards Managed Drone Defense Service

The AeroGuards™ service is a flexible, cost-effective solution for event safety. We provide a team of on-site professionals who protect your event and/or facility from unwanted drones.

First, we designate your location a “No Drone Zone” and publicize this information. Then, we use a variety of technologies and tactics to deter and, if necessary, disable unwanted drones.

A team of two AeroGuards™ can protect up to 5km of airspace.

Paladyne® Electronic Countermeasures 

The Paladyne® series of electronic countermeasures are backpack-mounted, man-portable systems that can disrupt the command, video and navigation signals on most commercial drones. With an operational range of up to 1/2 mile, these powerful devices offer an effective, mobile defense against drone threats.

AeroSnare® Drone Capture System

The AeroSnare® is an easy-to-use, low-cost device that provides a basic drone capture capability for police and security forces who already operate their own drones.

The AeroSnare® can be attached to a friendly drone. It uses an auto-detachable weighted drag-line – with a parachute system – to disable (without destroying) trespassing drones.

NetGun X1 Short-Range Drone Protection

The NetGun X1 is a simple, cost-effective deterrent that allows law enforcement officers to capture unwanted drones. When a threat is detected, the NetGun X1 can be used to launch a weighted net up to 15 meters and capture the drone. The device is small, lightweight and portable, so it can be easily carried by members of a security team.


We understand the unique challenges of integrating defense systems into your environment, and we work with you to design, implement and support a customized solution that works for you.
  • Airports
  • Correctional Institutions
  • Corporate HQs
  • Stadiums & Arenas
  • Media and Film Production sites
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Marine
• • • Drone Defense • • •

How we work

COACH – In this consultation phase, we partner with clients to determine the technologies and solutions that will deliver the outcome they desire—while accounting for factors like budget, compliance and existing systems.

DESIGN – We work with you to design a custom, future-proof drone defense solution optimized to the needs of your environment.

IMPLEMENT –We integrate our defense solutions into your environment without interfering with your communication infrastructure. We communicate with you throughout the project, offering regular updates, so you can feel confident that we’re delivering the value you need.

SUPPORT – We provide ongoing support of our drone defense solutions, including personnel training and upgrades and enhancements. As threats evolve, we evolve your defense solution to protect you and your assets.

Let’s Get Started

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