Kane County Sheriff’s Office Partners with Scientel Solutions LLC to Enhance Safety Protocols Throughout the Community | St. Charles, IL.

As businesses and government entities begin to plan for their reopening to the public on Monday, June 1st, municipalities are requiring enhanced safety measures to be put into place ensuring the safety of all constituents. Scientel Solutions LLC (Aurora, IL. USA) has partnered with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office (St. Charles, IL. USA) to implement a temperature screening process with the use of Mobotix Thermal Cameras.


Scientel Solutions Mobile Evaluation and Triage (MET) unit was designed for efficiency and accurately detects elevated body temperatures at a safe distance for the screener. This unit thermal scans each individual in under one second. Though many variations to temperature screening devices have been brought to light due to the current pandemic, Scientel Solutions has identified the most accurate readings to be those that are taken by the individual’s tear duct, rather than the alternative of reading a subject’s skin temperature. “The tear duct is the location of the human body which provides the closest correlation to the body’s internal core temperature, skin temperature is not a good indicator of a person’s core body temperature. Not all Thermal Cameras are equal.”, explains Michael Cataletto, Vice President of Engineering at Scientel Solutions.


Kane County is in the process of installing multiple thermal imaging cameras provided by Scientel Solutions in the following locations: Kane County Sheriff’s Office employee entrance and Sheriff’s jail entrance, Aurora Branch Court, Elgin Branch Court, Geneva Courthouse, Kane County Branch Court, Juvenile Justice Center and the Judicial Center.


Prior to implementing these devices, Kane County was taking temperatures with handheld laser thermometers. Lloyd Fletcher Jr., Lieutenant of Office Security at the Kane County Sheriff’s Office explains that utilizing the MET unit in place of the handheld thermometers will allow for social distancing to be practiced for both employees and the public. “The MET will also help expedite pedestrians into the building at a much greater pace and give us a much more accurate temperature reading”, Fletcher continues. In addition to temperature taking in the above locations, Kane County Sheriff’s Office explains that they still plan to screen individuals by asking their two COVID-19 related questions in addition to temperature screening.


The MET requires minimal training or health care experience for unit operators. The automatic alert that can be adjusted based on your desired levels, notifies you to potential health risks before an individual may even know they are a risk. The MET can be positioned wherever the need is, from an ER unit to a building entrance lobby to an assisted living center. “Temperature taking is becoming the norm, the question becomes how do we do it at a safe distance? Thermal Cameras are the answer. The market should understand the difference between skin temperature taking Thermal Cameras and tear duct temperature taking Thermal Cameras before committing to purchase. We hope to see these units implemented into all government buildings, stadiums, healthcare facilities, airports, universities and other large gathering places as they begin to reopen in order to ensure the safety of all individuals as we get back to normalcy” states Nelson Santos, President and CEO of Scientel Solutions.

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