Scientel Internship Experience

Lab Room

Internships are a key part in developing a well-rounded resume and in building experience while in college. Internships, additionally, shape and develop your professional character; without my internship at Scientel, I would not be the same person that I am in the workplace today.

The Scientel Internship challenged me in unique ways that are not possible in a classroom setting. I was challenged day in and day out on with issues in networking, security, information technology, and hardware. These challenges required me to work outside of my comfort-zone and research topic’s that I had never worked on before. This allowed me to get a feel for multiple sides of my field. I gained experience and knowledge that was irreplaceable. I was challenged in ways unlike any that are faced in the classroom, I was hands-on with equipment, troubleshooting unique problems.

One of the major things I learned during my internship, through experience, is that explaining the theory of how something works does not equate to having the practical knowledge to perform those tasks. Hands on experience with equipment problem solving is essential in developing your skills and knowledge. Nothing ever works exactly how its supposed to and no problem is ever the same, it is essential to have experience troubleshooting on equipment to a variety of different scenarios.

Lessons Learned

An important lesson is that when you get stuck with a difficult problem to not give up and immediately and find someone to help you solve the situation, sometimes there may not be someone with the answer. I learned that doing your own research and troubleshooting brings you the best long-term benefit. This does not mean you cannot ask for help but if you do not take the time to try and learn it yourself you will miss fundamental skills like problem-solving.

The experience from being able to work hands-on with equipment used in the industry is a huge advantage when entering the workplace. Many graduates have little to no practical experience upon graduation, this makes an internship extremely valuable. An internship experience is what makes an individual stand out from other graduates every year. Another benefit of having the internship was getting to experience multiple sides of the industry. I was able to experience the technical side, business side, and even the skilled labor that is required when moving and installing equipment.

In Conclusion

Being able to experience every part of the process helps make me more knowledgeable in my field and more confident in a variety of situations. I enjoyed being challenged while developing skills and experience during the duration of my Scientel internship and would recommend to anyone that is trying to get ahead in this field to consider seeking an internship.

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