Enterprises and institutions are constantly growing to meet the evolving demands of consumers and employees. Networks are the backbone that enables, empower, and support teams in their daily functions. Network Integrations allow for current networks to grow with the demands of your organization. When wired networks meet wireless bandwidth increases, remaining scalable, future-proof, and optimizing these networks presents a challenge that can be solved through network integrations.

Two major concerns for networks and their integrations are the compatibilities of connections on a network, and that a network is future-proof with scalability. Network Integrations enable the seamless use of multiple systems and subsystems on a congruent platform. Ensuring that the network is scalable and future-proof.


To optimize evolving networks Scientel can build all or part of a network solution to minimize your risk through our in-depth knowledge and industry experience.


  • Assess and Design
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Custom Application Development
  • Specifications and Architecture Review


  • Build and Transform
  • Systems Integration
  • Hardware and Software Implementation
  • Engineering
  • Installation


  • Operate, Support, and Service
  • Upgrades and Enhancements
  • Report and Monitor

As a universal integrator of products, Scientel is uniquely poised to develop turnkey solutions from end to end for our clients. As Scientel is vendor agnostic (meaning we do not have our own product but rely on our partner products) we can bring technology solutions that fit your needs perfectly.

Security is of the utmost importance to any network, you can read more about Physical Security here. It is essential that network integrations are secure to protect the sensitive data that transmitted between systems and from users. Unsecured Wi-Fi is susceptible to viruses and malware that will comprise systems and spread infections across organizations. Maintaining secure networks is a specialty that we can develop that will build on the hardware level firewall.

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