Scientel Solutions is proud to offer three levels of Post-Installation Support. Each package is supported by our employees to ensure the same level of quality we demand from our installation teams. Whether you require a Basic Support package or a robust outsourced solution, we offer a package to meet your support needs.

Tailored to Your Requirements

Regardless of the support level you choose, Scientel Solutions will customize the package to fit your needs.  We will negotiate Service Level Agreements with you and list out contact names, locations, and phone numbers.  Also, an escalation path on both the Scientel side and the customer side will ensure that all parties are up to date on the status of all issues.

All packages can be customized to better meet your support needs, reach out to a representative to get more information about what how our support services can help your organization.

Read about our longstanding maintenance and support contract with the Fort Worth Regional Radio System.