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Let’s make your city the city of the future.
We transform your community through advanced networking and Al a ST solutions, offering residents a better quality-of-life and empowering municipalitiesS be more connected, efficient and secure. We’ve built smart cities for decades, and our team has a deep understanding of the complex challenges and technologies of this domain.
Now, we’re bringing our legacy to you.



We design, implement and support turnkey solutions – as well as spot solutions – to transition your municipality into an Internet of Things future. Our team integrates a variety of technologies to offer more connectivity and harness the potential of data in your city.

As a smarter, more connected community, you will be poised to attract new businesses and tourism by offering high-tech amenities.


We create Wi-Fi Hot Zones within your community. offering complimentary internet access to residents, public employees, and visitors in strategic and revenue-driving public areas.


We connect communities in rural areas to high-speed broadband infrastructure. This enables local governments to better compete for residential and tourism-based revenue.


We integrate street-Level amenities – including security video systems, emergency alarms and wireless access – that comply with privacy legislation. These technologies also provide local officials and law enforcement with essential event monitoring, improved access for disabled citizens. and the necessary framework to evolve street-facing amenities as needed in the future.


We understand the intricate needs of the public safety sector, and we provide police, fire, and medical first-responders with superior solutions designed for efficient use of resources in any mission-critical response.

Broadband voice, data, and video to moving vehicles offers greater situational awareness without the limitations of only one form of real-time communication. Deploying wireless networks in first responder vehicles provides a foundation for a scalable IP communications infrastructure on the scene, even if WLAN communications are lost.

Video surveillance networks provide an accurate real-time view of emergency situations that keep first responders and citizens safer. Police can use remote video surveillance to monitor events at a safe distance, identify License plates and examine evidence later.

Access to real-time data is vital for crucial decision-making, and our Ti replacements program can keep need-to-know data accessible from any Location, whether in a vehicle or on foot, through a secure cloud network. With this technology, police can better analyze crime data, solve cases faster and better understand when and where other crimes may occur.


We work with transportation agencies nationwide to improve traffic-control capabilities using Internet of Things technology. We offer turnkey solutions—from construction and project management, to full monitoring. maintenance and support.

Depending on your project needs, our engineering team may leverage your existing infrastructure for more effective use within your budget. Or, we can build a new infrastructure from the ground up.

We future-proof your traffic control system by transitioning TDM to IP technology, allowing for increased capabilities and adaptability.

Our Radio Frequency (RF) planning and design services ensure full capacity. We eliminate resource waste with smart RF planning and design for your mobile radio communications system.

We implement integrated Geo-location technology for relevant data in locations you define, enabling officials to allocate resources more efficiently. Street-level amenities – including remote video monitoring, security video and wireless access for Internet of Things technology – help your organization collect the data needed for early awareness, as well as to anticipate future needs.


We help you manage and protect your city’s most valuable resource – clean, accessible water – with custom solutions designed to meet your municipality’s specific needs. Our team of domain experts help you control water flow for extended distances while driving down operational costs.

We empower your organization to optimize management of pump stations, tanks, irrigation systems and treatment plant controls—using a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. network management system and wireless radio. We future-proof your water management system by transitioning TDM to IP technology, allowing for increased capabilities and adaptability.

Our monitoring systems offer custom alarms and remote video surveillance. This gives you an early awareness of contamination and flood warnings.

How we work

COACH – In this consultation phase, we partner with clients to determine the technologies and solutions that will deliver the outcome they desire—while accounting for factors like budget, compliance and existing systems.
DESIGN – We work with you to design a custom, future-proof drone defense solution optimized to the needs of your environment.
IMPLEMENT – We integrate our defense solutions into your environment without interfering with your communication infrastructure. We communicate with you throughout the project, offering regular updates, so you can feel confident that we’re delivering the value you need.
SUPPORT – We provide ongoing support of our drone defense solutions, including personnel training and upgrades and enhancements. As threats evolve, we evolve your defense solution to protect you and your assets.
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