Broadband wireless networks utilize links and points to operate. These networks are flexible, scalable, and work for a variety of use cases. Broadband networks vary in size and coverage, spanning distances of a few hundred feet to miles in distance. Networks can be built to the use case requirements set by an organization.

Microwave systems can be used in conjunction with, or in replacement of fiber-wireless communications. See Network Integrations here to learn more about network integrations between wired and wireless HERE. Wireless systems have the ability to scale with future demands and operate with fast deployments at a fraction of the cost of fiber implementations.


Some of the key benefits of Broadband Wireless networks include:


Broadband wireless networks can be secured through encryption to protect data as it is broadcasted over the network.

A licensed connection allows for a private spectrum guaranteed by the Federal Communications Commission. Speed

Time to Market

Fast deployment allows for you to maximize your organizations ROI sooner. Depending on varying factors networks can be deployed in less one month.


Fixed wireless is a land-based connectivity solution that is not affected by poor weather conditions.

Fixed wireless does not suffer from high latency similar to Satellite connections. This allows for a smooth and fast network connection.


Broadband wireless can be established in both rural and urban zones. Based on your use case custom solutions are available and may even be at a lower cost than running a wired connection.


Scientel is an industry leader in broadband wireless solutions of all kinds. Ranging from small point-to-point links supporting wi-fi networks to sophisticated wireless public safety networks and 911 systems, we have the tools and expertise to deliver the right solution for your communications needs. Scientel has designed and installed hundreds of wireless communications links for a wide variety of clients in the enterprise, education, financial and government industries.

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