How to Setup a PTP450i Link

Any PTP link consists of two radios, one is configured as a Master radio and other configured as a Slave radio. There are 3 basic configurations you’ll need for each radio:

  1. General- to select the radio as Master or Slave
  2. IP- to configure IP address for the radio
  3. Radio- to configure frequency, channel size, transmit power etc.

Radios can be accessed by their default IP address and each radio is shipped as PTP slave from the factory.  To make changes to the above mentioned areas of the radio, access radio GUI using the default IP address and configure it. This post will describe how to setup a Cambium 5GHz PTP450i Link.

Configuration for the Master Radio:

Access the radio GUI using the default IP address, by default there is no username or password. Once you are in radio GUI, select configuration menu from left hand side, click on the General Tab and configure the following parameters as shown in Picture 1:

  • Device Type -Master
  • Sync Setting- Select the source of timing pulse
  • Region- Select the correct region and country for your deployment
  • Save Changes and reboot

Picture 1

Once the device reboots go to the IP tab and configure an IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway IP addresses and hit save changes and reboot.  Now we will move to the most important tab in the configuration “Radio”. In this tab you configure the following parameters as shown in Picture 2.

  • Select a frequency band you want to use for the link
  • Select a frequency carrier/channel, based on your selection of band the channel frequencies will vary
  • Select a channel size- this will vary with frequency band
  • Assign a color code for the Master unit
  • Select an appropriate frame confi  guration for your network/link requirements (Downlink Data %)
  • Select a transmit power for the radio- this will vary based on the frequency band
  • Save changes and Reboot

Picture 2

At this the point master radio is ready to connect to the slave radio.

Configuration for Slave radio:

Access the radio via its default IP address Since the radios are shipped in Slave configuration, you don’t need to change anything under the general tab in configuration menu other than making sure that the Slave radio is configured to the correct region and country code. After that, move to the IP tab and make sure to configure the correct IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway Address and save changes and reboot.  Once the Slave unit reboots configure the radio tab. All the settings in radio tab for Slave, should mimic those in the Master radio as shown in picture 3.

  • Select the channels for the band of operation selected in Master radio
  • Select the “Channel Bandwidth Scan” to match the channel bandwidth of Master Radio
  • Select the color code same as in Master Radio
  • Select Transmit Power required based on link budget calculations.
  • Save changes and reboot the Slave Radio

Picture 3

At this point Slave radio is ready to connect to a Master radio.


That concludes the setup for a PTP450i link.

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